Dhol Drummers

Masterclass Dhol Drummers are a professional group of musicians that will create the perfect atmosphere for your event by using their unique and artistic skills. We only recruit and continue train the very best Dhol Drummers to create the ultimate feeling and experience suited for any occasion.

Our experienced Dhol Drummers have performed all over the world, entertaining a wide range of audiences with their talent and rhythmic skills. Now they are ready to entertain you!

MasterClass Dhol Drummers provide the following services:

  • Dhol Drummers dressed in traditional and/or modern outfits.
  • Entrances, performing alongside a roadshow and group performances.
  • 1 to 50 Dhol Drummers to ensure your event is explosive!
  • The ultimate performance – ‘The Masterclass Dhol Drummers Experience!’ This includes an exclusive Dhol group performance with backing music to complete your special event.

If you would like to discuss a particular service for your upcoming event, please contact us for availability and a free consultation.